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I'm Janie Caldwell and I am the Founder/Director of the Carolina Dancing Diamonds (CDDC). I am a Concord, NC native and have been dancing since I was old enough to remember! My current specialties are in performing arts such as creative choreography, majorette, lyrical, jazz, and hip hop. I love coaching, as I can get and KEEP our youth involved in something constructive. My aspirations of becoming a community leader and activist are unfolding before my very eyes. I counldn't be more excited to see what WE can do together! My motto is: "EXPRESS YOURSELF THROUGH DANCE AND THINK OF IMPRESSING NO ONE"


Our Team

CDDC Dance Coach

I am Ciara Young A.K.A. Coach C. I have been dancing since I was a little girl. It has always been a dream to teach dance. And here I am! Based on my experience, I possess the different aspects of dance as far as being a mentor and a leader. I choreograph unique dance techniques while also introducing self-confidence. I will push the team spirits and motivate their "Can-Do" attitudes. I also observe performances individually and provide positive feedback for refinement. Dance is a feeling and not just movements. Always remember to dance with your heart and not just your body.


“Born to Dance”

CDDC Secretary

I am Charise Howie. As CDDC Secretary aid in the recordkeeping and govern disbursements of documentation. I also help organize all comps, events, attendance.

Quote :

"iF you are always trying to be like everyone else around you, you'll never know how amazing you can be"

CDDC Office Manager


I am LaQuita Moffitt and though I am new to the dance arena, I have worked in the corporate world for 10+ years. So, I bring to the table the power of knowledge, know-how, and integrity. I am more than excited to be apart of a team looking to grow. When I attend practice, I see the girls working hard and the coaches are working harder to push them to their better selves. With your parental support and community support, CDDC can go where it has never been before.


"Dreamers stay asleep, while visionaries see with their eyes open" 

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